Intelligent Transport Systems Romania (ITS Romania) it is an apolitical, patrimonial, non-governmental and not-profit organization, which aim is to encourage, promote, support, co-ordinate, implement and integrate Intelligent Transport Systems in Romania.

ITS ROMANIA is open to co-operate with all organizations involved in any type of transport, including multimodal transports, and also with those who are about to enter this fast-expanding sector. As transport systems become more integrated, there is a strong need for all involved in road, rail, air, and sea transport to collaborate, these organizations being encouraged to become ITS ROMANIA members.

Intelligent Transport Systems implementation distinguishing from the traditional investments in transport require the establishment of partnerships between those directly or indirectly involved in different transport modes, in administration, in business, in private and public sector.

The development on an Intelligent Transport Systems market depends directly on the existence of such partnership.